Oct 12, 2023 [ILI] Bring the Hostages Back Campaign - Mobilizing Prayer, Public Awareness, Critical Support
Apr 29, 2023 [AITF] Alabama-Israel Leadership Gala 2023 - 75th Anniversary Celebration
April 14, 2023 [AITF] Alabama Honors 75th Anniversary of Israel, 80th Anniversary of Historic Resolution, and Reaffirms Bonds of Friendship
Mar 4, 2023 [AITF] Press Release (from Alabama) - Distinguished Leaders hosted for AL-Israel Leadership Gala
Nov 15, 2022 [AJC] Disrupting Antisemitism - AJC Regional Leadership in North Alabama
Jun 14, 2022 [JFHNA] Jewish Federation Hosts Special Guest from Israel - Jonathan Feldstein
Sep 25, 2021 [AITF] Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama Recognizes Israel as a sovereign Jewish Nation and Jerusalem as Capital
May 17, 2021 [AITF] Alabama Expresses Solidarity with Israel and Condemns Terrorism from Gaza in Strong Resolution
Apr 11, 2021 [AITF] Holocaust Remembrance State-Wide Commemoration and Solidarity
Dec 9, 2019 [AITF] Special Presentation to the Governor (SJR27) - (Governor's Office, State Captol)
Nov 6, 2019 [AITF] Commemorative Presentation (SJR27) - Alabama to Israel (Chagall State Hall, Israeli Knesset)
May 20, 2019 [AITF] Official Presentation (SJR27) - Alabama to Israel (Old House Chamber, State Captol)
Apr 23, 2019 [AITF] Alabama Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital and Affirms Embassy Move in Historic Resolution
Nov 5, 2018 [JFHNA] Jewish Federation Hosts Special Guest from Israel - Herb Keinon, The Jerusalem Post
Oct 28, 2018 [AITF] Alabama Celebrates Israel - A Tribute to Israel and the Jewish People
Sep 8, 2018 [ILI] Shaping the Future - Update and Opportunity from Israel
Nov 18, 2017 [AITF] Alabama-Israel Leadership Gala 2017 - 50th Anniversary Celebration
Oct 8, 2017 [AITF] Press Release (from Alabama) - Distinguished Israeli Leaders hosted for AL-Israel Leadership Gala
Oct 8, 2017 [ILI] Press Release (from Israel) - Alabama Governor Recipient of the Israel Leadership Award 2017
Jun 7, 2017 [AITF] AL Governor Proclamation Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem
May 30, 2017 [AITF] CUFI Standing With Israel Event - Montgomery, AL
May 27, 2017 [AITF] AITF Helps ILI Launch New EPDR Initiative in Kiryat Shmona, Israel
May 20, 2016 [AITF] Alabama, Israel, and Days to Remember as the Legacy Continues
May 11, 2016 [AITF] Press Release - Alabama Passes Legislation in Strong Response to the BDS Movement
May 11, 2016 [ILI] Israel Leadership Institute Fellow - From Remembrance to Independence in Israel
Apr 9, 2016 [AITF] Alabama-Israel Leadership Gala 2016 - Honoring Leadership, Celebrating Friendship, Cultivating ...
Apr 7, 2016 [AITF] Deputy Speaker Israeli Knesset Addresses Special Joint Session of Alabama Legislature
Mar 8, 2016 [AITF] Press Release (from Alabama) - Deputy Speaker of Knesset hosted for AL-Israel Leadership Gala
Mar 8, 2016 [ILI] Press Release (from Israel) - Alabama Leaders Recipients of the Israel Leadership Award 2016
Feb 25, 2016 [AITF] CUFI on Campus Event - Miles College, Fairfield AL
Feb 22, 2016 [AITF] TASK FORCE NEWS - February 2016
Feb 16, 2016 [AITF] Press Release - Alabama Passes Unanimous Joint Resolution Denouncing BDS and Supporting Israel
Nov 15, 2015 [ICEJ] Israel Awareness - ICEJ International Director in North Alabama
Sep 27, 2015 [AITF] TASK FORCE NEWS - September 2015
Sep 12, 2015 [RDW] Honoring Two Jewish Abrahams and their Historic Impact on Alabama
Jul 25, 2015 [AITF] Special Update: From Alabama to Israel with Love
Jul 1, 2015 [ILI] Alabama-Israel: EPDR - Special Update from ILI
Nov 18, 2014 [AITF] CUFI Night to Honor Israel - Birmingham, AL
Nov 13, 2014 [AITF] Birmingham International Center Features Alabama-Israel Task Force: Start-up Nation
Oct 26, 2014 [AITF] Special Update: North Alabama Hosts Regional Night to Stand with Israel
Oct 8, 2014 [NAFI] North Alabama Friends of Israel and area Churches host ICEJ U.S. Director in the Shoals
Aug 12, 2014 [AITF] Special Update: See Operation Fire Support Video Clip with ILI in Sderot
Aug 10, 2014 [ILI] Special Update: Israel Leadership Institute visit Bringing the Voice of Sderot to U.S
Aug 1, 2014 [AITF] Special Update: Alabama Stands with Israel - Blue and White Ribbon Rally!
Jul 31, 2014 [ILI] Special Update: Thank you from Israeli Major Zini - Operation Fire Support continues!
Jul 11, 2014 [AITF] Special Update: EPDR and a Tale of Two Cities
Jul 8, 2014 [ILI] Special Update: Israel under attack - More than 3.5 million people under siege
Jul 8, 2014 [ILI] Special Update: Last fews days update from Sdeort in pictures
Jul 3, 2014 [ILI] Special Update: Last 24 hours update from Sderot, Israel
Mar 25, 2014 [AITF] Historic "Alabama Celebrates Israel" Statewide Gathering
Dec 14, 2013 [AITF] Declaration of Reaffirmation of the Historic 1943 Resolution